Greg "Harpfool" Shields emcees Late Fakirs, a fluid musical project bringing together a range of talented musicians to deliver his song perspectives. Emerging from roots and rock acts in Ottawa and Toronto, Greg was a long time member of Toronto hellbilly alt country band Luckyfool.

Late Fakirs' music is parked somewhere in the intersection of Americana, bluegrass, contemporary folk and roots rock. Greg records the moves people make, watching from the dark end of the bar or behind the dumpster in the back alley. The perspective has been likened to George Carlin as gutter poet.

A wide range of influences can be blamed for the musical framework used to deliver the Late Fakirs state of mind, including (but not limited to) Bob Dylan, Steve Earle, The Pogues, The Flying Burrito Bros, and classic bluegrass.

Late Fakirs released their first EP "Love's a Dying Rose" in August 2017. Extreme weather events and ecological decline were just a few of the immediate effects. We aim to outdo that performance in 2018. Hold onto your hats, your horses and any other loose objects.